Letters From Patients

NOTE:  The following are actual testimonials from real patients.  You will notice that in their testimonials, many patients call me Doctor.  I am not nor have ever claimed to be a medical doctor.  I am a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Nutritional Response Technician. The use of the term Doctor is by each individual's choice.

Dear Dr. Bob,
     I actually cannot believe I am writing this testimonial.  I always thought that all testimonials are fakes, but here I am writing one of my own.  I have changed my outlook since meeting Dr. Bob.  He did not pressure me into anything and gave me obtainable options that helped me see that I needed to change my lifestyle.  If I did not follow his advice I don’t know if I would be writing this today. 
     I have a very serious disease that I brought on myself due to following a course of self-indulgence and pleasure seeking.  Dr. Bob never judged me.  He was honest and showed me that I can live a normal life, even with my current situation, if I allowed my body to heal itself by means of whole food nutrition.  He helped me to clean up my act and has been like a mentor (and father) to me.  He always finds time to communicate no matter how busy he is and has called me even after office hours when I needed a boost of confidence.  He promised he would be there for me as long as I need him and judging by the way I feel now, that will be for a long time to come.  This man and his programs have changed me as a person and at 34 years old I was given a new start at life.  Thank you Dr. Bob.  I am forever indebted to you.                                                 -  
 VJ N. Ft. Myers, FL 

     I'm very grateful that: A) you decided to set up practice in Murphy, B) Pro Motion took out a notice in the Green Sheets where I could find out about your clinic and C) You were willing to take on my case.
     I feel like you have gotten to the bottom of an 18 year old mystery/problem.  I have known of others dealing with food inflammation issues, but I never made the connection that that was part of my problem too.   
     As I wrote in my original draft, I just really had no idea what was causing all the stomach distress, but it makes sense to me now.
     Prior to coming to you, I had reached a stage where I eyed all foods suspiciously, not knowing if they were going to turn on me.  I had developed a real sense of food being my enemy- well, my stomach's enemy anyway.   I must turn that around to start seeing food as my friend.   And I know with your help, I'll get there. 
     Thank you SO much for everything.                                                                                                  
Yours in gastric adventures,    
Carolyn K.

Dear Robert:
     I had always believed that if your system reacted badly to certain foods it was considered a food allergy.  After meeting with you, I was surprised to learn about food intolerances.  You explained the difference to me and then I understood why, after eating certain foods, I may not get sick, but sure  “yucky.” 
     Once I learned what foods my system did not tolerate well and eliminated them from my diet, I experienced some really great results.  Of course the weight loss was most welcomed; but the best benefit was the increase in energy and how I felt in general.  You were also able to identify some deficiencies in my system.  Then with the help of supplements you suggested, these issues were addressed.  Thanks! 
     You also told me that there seemed to be a problem with my eyes.  I went to the doctor and found out I have cataracts.  Unfortunately, I do not go to the eye doctor on a regular basis and do not know when or how I would have discovered this problem.  Thanks Again!!
     You had asked if I was taking any prescription medicines.  I stated that like so many people I was taking prescription medicine for high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  I also mentioned that I wish I could stop taking this medication, especially the high cholesterol medicine.  I had heard so much about the negative side effects of cholesterol medication, but was unable to bring my cholesterol down on my own.  You said that after following the program you set for me, together with the supplements, it may be possible to stop the medications.  I was doubtful, but decided to stop taking my cholesterol medicine since I was scheduled to see my doctor for my regular blood work in about two months and I had already lost a good amount of weight.  When I saw my doctor I told him that I had stopped the cholesterol medicine and explained the program you had me on.  He said that was fine and since my blood work showed that my cholesterol was still down he agreed that I no longer needed to take the cholesterol medication.  A really big "Thanks!"
     I think we are all responsible for our own health, good or bad.  Your program is very educational and you basically give us the tools to  help make the right decisions to have “good” health.  After completing your program, it is especially helpful that you are always available for questions and encouragement.    Thanks for all your help.                                      -   
Susan Haley, Murphy, NC

      I started following Robert's recommendations regarding diet about 4 months ago.  Just before I started my weight was 193 lbs and I am now 176.  My lab work was taken the week I started and it was not good.  My AC1 was 8.0 and my HDL cholesterol was 35.  My LDL level was 178.  I have currently had my labs repeated (without medications) my good cholesterol (HDL) rose to 69 and my bad (LDL) dropped to 169.  My AC1 also dropped to 7.4.  Needless to say my doctor was thrilled and told me that whatever I was doing was working and to continue.  I am excited to know that I am becoming a much healthier person all because of my Lifestyle Change.                               -Linda Knowles (Murphy NC.)

      Two years ago when I dragged myself, with much help from my husband, into Bob Miranda's office, there was little doubt in my mind that if I wasn't diagnosed and treated soon, I was not going to be around long.
     I had been seeing medical doctors and a holistic health practitioner but no one seemed to be able to figure out what my problem was.  I was getting sicker by the day when Bob was recommended to me.  How refreshing it was to be diagnosed and be given an explanation as to how I had gotten to such an advanced stage of systemic candida; what organs it had damaged and how we were going to work on the situation...all in 2 visits a couple of days apart.
     With a lot of help and encouragement from Bob, I am now free from candida and my damaged organs are healthy.
     Oh yeh...it takes a lot of discipline!  By attending Bob,s lectures, I was put in contact with others dealing with the same issues and we shared recipes, tips, and encouragement.
     Bob is an incredible diagnostician whom I feel very comfortable recommending to anyone with health issues.           -Linda (Cape Coral FL)

     I was having health problems and had been seeing a chiropractor who advised me to see Bob Miranda.
     I had been on prednisone for 10 years, was taking 2 pills for diabetes, a water pill for swelling of the ankles, a pill for indigestion, 2 blood pressure pills, one for thyroid and another for high cholesterol. I am 5’2” weighed 164 pounds.
     On June 13, 2012, Bob Miranda assessed my condition and put me on a regime of natural vitamins and a special diet for 45 days.
     I made the commitment to follow his advice and started eating healthy. 
     I got rid of all the bread and dairy in the house. I got rid of canola oil and use coconut oil and grape seed oil for cooking and olive oil and herbs on my salads. My weight started to drop, my blood sugar levels dropped and I was losing weight. I was not hungry because I was eating nourishing foods that taste good.
     I eat chicken and mainly fish, once in a while some beef, but it must be grass fed.
     By the end of the year I had stopped my diabetes medicine, the water pill, the gurd pill, cut my blood pressure and thyroid medicines in half and have continued to lose weight.
     I have more energy now than I have had in 10 years. I now weigh 127 pounds and do my surge exercise and water aerobics every day.
     Anybody can do this-with the proper care of Bob Miranda- you have to change your way of thinking and eating. I eat (healthy) to live now, not live to eat.                                                                              Wishing you a Healthy Happy Life            -   Audrey B Stramara (79 years old)

 Dear Dr, Miranda, I wanted to express my heart felt appreciation, my gratefulness and happiness for what you do! You saved my life!!  When I met you I couldn't catch my breath, I was very ill and really had no idea how serious it was.  Within 3 days of being on the protocol and the restricted diet I experienced such improvement, I could hardly believe it!  Now, going on 4 weeks into this protocol, I feel wonderful!!!  The weight loss, the clarity of mind, my attitude have improved 10 fold! People can not believe how great I look! The other night someone told me I was "glowing".  I owe my recover, my health success to you!!  I recommend everyone run, not walk to your office, take the exam and get on the road to good health as soon as possible. I will forever be indebted to you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!                     - Cindy

      Although I was eating fairly healthy I was having some serious digestive issues so I decided to make an appointment to see Bob Miranda about 1 ½ years ago.  After a comprehensive examination, Bob explained to me that I had Candida, intolerances to: gluten, dairy products and soy and had problems with several of my internal organs.  He placed me on a diet to eliminate the Candida; which it did in 45 days.  He also explained how I needed to change my diet due to the intolerances and placed me on several different natural supplements to heal the problems I was having in my body.  It wasn’t long before I really felt tip-top!
     I recently had brain surgery for a very large aneurysm and my healing was much faster than the Surgeon, Occupational and Physical Therapists expected.  I attribute much of that to the fact that I had been eating very healthy, was taking natural supplements and was working out at a gym 3 times a week.
     Bob is a very caring and compassionate person and is certainly extremely knowledgeable in his field.  I always look forward to my appointments with him.                                                                                                                                  -  Corina Tiemeyer, Cape Coral, FL

Hi Doctor Miranda!
     I hope this e-mail finds you well. I have some big news... I am 100% off all medications.  No more Seroquel.  No more Prozac.  And, believe it or not, I have not lost my mind ;) Thank you for believing in me.  I would not have had the courage to do this without your support.  I am doing moderately well with your diet recommendations but still struggle with my love for sugar and grain.  I am working on it.                    - J.A. CC FL.

Dr. Bob,
     WOW OH WOW.  Since you have checked me I have energy again.  I guess it was my adrenal glands after all as you suspected.  Thanks for showing me how to live better and feel GREAT.  I am back to playing tennis with the girls and they are all impressed at my new energy level.  THANKS, THANKS, THANKS...
     PS: The supplements are wonderful and I am drinking lots of water per your direction.                                             - CC N. Fort Myers, FL.

Dr. Bob & Marylynn,
     Thank you for your thoughtful card.  I am feeling much better and recovering at home.
     I feel I have to apologize to you for my skepticism.  I must admit that when my friend told me to come see you I did it for her instead of myself.  After you tested me and told me I may have renal problems and possible kidney stones I became afraid and followed your advise to get some tests done by my medical doctor.  When the tests came back negative I was even more skeptical about what you do and thought you just wanted to take an old lady's money.  Nearly two months later however, I found myself being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance in more pain than I ever experienced in my life.(and I had 5 children)  I have to admit that when in the ambulance I thought of you.
     As you know I had emergency surgery and they removed a golf ball size stone out of my right kidney.  They are breaking the remainder of my stones in the left kidney up with lazar treatment.  Needless to say, I will be coming to see you soon.  I am fast becoming a believer, maybe not so much in what you do but more in how much you show you care.  I never even received a phone call from my medical doctor let alone a card.    See you soon.                                                  -RB N. Fort Myers
          PS: I stopped drinking ice tea and have lemon water with olive oil every morning when I wake up. (YUK)

Dr. Bob,    I am amazed at how fast I have lost weight and gained energy.  I am not much for email but wanted to send this to you with HUGE thanks.  You are an amazing doctor, or whatever it is you call yourself.  Whatever, you are better than any doctor I ever met.  I am going to get my friend to come see you next week.  She needs you.  Thanks so much for your help.  I promise to do my best.        -TA, Cape Coral, FL

Bob,  Thank you for your email checking up on Travis.  FYI, Travis has gained 4-5 lbs since placing him on a gluten free diet. The dark circles around his eyes have disappeared. His skin appears to look healthier.  He seems to have a heightened mental awareness and quick witted comical remarks to things, he is hilarious actually. He has also had a big reduction in reflux and coughing spells.   As matter of fact, as of the last two nights the coughing was actually completely eliminated.  We will be contacting you next week to schedule the remainder of the tests. Thanks so much!                                                                                                                                            -SS, Fort Myers, FL
I was introduced to chiropractic care years ago when I hurt myself at work.  I went every other week for pain relief, but it seemed the pain never really went away, just was less after each visit for a few days.  A friend of mine introduced me to the Lampe Wellness Group and explained that they were healing chiropractors not just there to eliminate symptoms.  After a month of visits 3 times per week my pain went away and did not return.  I felt so much better but still had no energy.  I visited their Nutritionist for a free consultation and he suggested a few easy tests.  I discovered my thyroid was what they call hypo.  The nutritionist, Robert, put me on some whole food supplements and made suggestions to diet change.  I must admit at first I cheated with the diet, but started to feel better anyway.  I reasoned that if I could feel this much better just with the supplements, I wonder what I would feel like if I implemented all of his suggestions.  I stopped eating fast food and soda pop and actually got used to eating good food.  I wasn't as hard as I thought.  Since, I have lost 37 pounds and feel better than I did at 25 years old.  I am now 57.  I am proud to say I have changed my life for the better and I am so glad I met this team of Holistic Experts.
                                                                                                                                                                                              -AH, Cape Coral, FL.

I am 67 years young, but did not feel that way.  My doctor had me on six different types of medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart problems.  I also was diagnosed with diverticulitis, and GERD.  Needless to say I was not doing well and felt worse.  I thought the medications were supposed to make me feel better but I felt worse by the day.  My life changed when I saw Dr. Robert.  After a few easy and inexpensive tests I was put on a protocol for my symptoms and a special diet plan.  To my surprise I could still eat most of the foods I liked.  I am now happy to say that I am off all of my medications, feel energy, enjoying life for the first time in I don't remember when and feel good about myself.  I visit Dr. Robert bi-weekly for health and wellness sessions and wouldn't miss one for the world. I have learned so much about the benefits of good eating habits and the dangers of pharmaceutical medications.  I thank God he allowed us to meet.  I feel GREAT!                                                                                            - RM N Fort Myers, FL

 "I was bloated, had acne, no energy, high blood pressure, anxiety and could not seem to lose any weight no matter how much I pushed myself to work out.  After one visit with Robert, I was shown to have a large and small parasite as well as Candida. His diagnosis was simple to understand and even easier to remedy. I did a 7 day whole food liver and colon cleanse, reduced my sugar intake to under 20 grams per day and began to eat organic whole foods and take organic whole food supplements. I immediately felt and saw the results and have since lost over 30 pounds, have incredible energy and love to work out.  I have never felt better and I am 52 years old.  Amazing!"                                                                                                     - MLM, Lehigh Acres, FL

"I am 29 years old and fainted on the basketball court one evening. My family has a history of heart disease so immediately I thought I inherited heart problems.  I made an appointment with a Cardiologist and then was introduced to what Bob does.  I was very skeptical of ANSA but he convinced me to allow him to check my heart. After a short examination, Bob told me there was nothing wrong with my heart but he needed to give me a complete examination to see what was truly wrong. I told him I would rather let my medical doctor make that determination.  He agreed that I should keep my appointment with him. He asked me questions about my diet and made suggestions, which I simply laughed off. He advised me to get completely off of soft drinks, consume more purified water and get away from sugar.  He also suggested a whole food drink mix that I should take once per day.  The results from my doctor were negative. My heart was fine, $150.00 later, but he really didn't have any answers as to why I passed out. I decided to try the things Bob suggested and I have to say I feel great.  I have not passed out again, have incredible energy and feel good about my diet.  Save your money.  This stuff works!"                                                         - LH, Cape Coral, FL

    After tens of thousands of dollars on medical specialists, we had enough.  Our son was not getting better and we hated that he was on all those medications and had to use an inhaler.  My friend introduced me to the Wellness Center and I met Robert at a free consultation with Troy.  As soon as he saw Troy he asked if he had ever been tested for allergies or intolerances.  We told him that the doctors told us he was allergic to basically everything.  Robert told us that was impossible and asked if we could perform a simple test on Troy at home.

     We agreed and to our surprise Dr. Robert called us back the very next day with the results.  He was Candida Fungus positive.  We immediately started Troy on the protocols suggested and a grain free diet.  The results were amazing.  Within 3 weeks Troy was off of his inhaler, gained weight, was happy and was eating again without reactions.  A month later Troy was off of all of his medications and was our happy little boy again.  The doctors were just about to put Troy on Ritalin because he was beginning to have behavior disorders.  Now he is perfectly normal.  GOD Bless You Practitioner Robert.                                                                                                          -RM Cape Coral, FL

One $90.00 test saved my life.  I am now insulin free and no longer diabetic.  I have never felt better.  67 pounds GONE!  You ROCK!  I couldn't have done it without you and your team.  You are all so genuine I always felt like I was part of the family.  I actually never thought I would say that I enjoy going to the doctor.  I Love You Guys!        -SM, N. Fort Myers, FL