Our mission

Thank you for visiting my website and taking an interest in what I do.  I would like to

tell you a little about myself because I consider all of my clients my friends and in

order to be friends I want you to see that I am not some pompous individual who

thinks he knows it all.  No, you will come to find out that we are probably quite

alike and have many things in common.

 I am happily married to my lovely wife and best friend Marylynn for some 36 years

now.  We have one daughter, one son and currently five adorable grandsons, some

of whom you met on this website.  We are all devoted Christians and value family

life and especially our relationship with our Creator and His Son.

 Sadly, this world can be a very challenging place and if we allow it, can take down

even the strongest of us.  Case in point, at the worst time in my life I weighed in at

272 pounds and was diagnosed Type II diabetes.  So you can see that even a person

with much nutritional education and experience can fall into the trap of over indulging and eating the wrong foods.  After my diagnosis, I made a pact with myself and decided I was NOT going to be a medical statistic.  I began a strict but manageable dietary program with simple light exercise and within five months I lost 65 pounds.  Amazingly, I was also no longer a diabetic because through whole food nutrition my body was able to heal itself.

From my own experience I know that change can be hard, but I never ask my clients to do anything I did not do myself.  Our Creator has given us all the same free will and energy to work with.  It is simply what we personally choose to do with our God-given gifts that will determine if we have “quality of life” or if we are destined to suffer with pain and lack of confidence.

 I chose quality of life and I am here to help you make that same choice! 

 So welcome FRIEND to the first step toward that new you.  I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you and your loved ones better. 

Marylynn and I want to help you see that God wants you to be happy and happiness starts with Great Health & Wellbeing! 

We invite you to take your first step toward a life of Great Health & Wellbeing by filling out a Health History Form today.  Click on the link for FORMS on the homepage of this website, fill out the form in detail and click submit.  One of our clinical staff members will contact you so we can get started. (All information remains fully confidential)